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    Cygnet Training Theatre
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    Founded in 1980, the Company grew out of an association between Monica Shallis, Mary Evans and the Northcott Theatre, Exeter, then under the direction of Richard Digby Day. Cygnet has since grown into a full-time training company with its own Studio Theatre. It functions as a small-scale touring company, drawing its members from all over the UK and abroad. Applicants must be 18 or over. There is no set upper age limit and Cygnet's training is suited to a wide age range of actors, from school-leavers to mature students.

    No specific academic qualifications are required but adaptability, stamina and a good sense of responsibility and personal discipline are essential.

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Female Hereford and Worcester
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Louisa Wilde
2013, 3 Year Professional Acting with Directing

Lil Davis
2010, 3 year Professional Acting

Isabel Evans
2008, 3 Year professional directing and acting

Catherine Richardson
1998, 3 Years Acting Course

Steve Bush
1990, 2 yr. Stage Management

Penelope McGhie
1985, Acting